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Flower Wall

This was such a fun project I did with my dad. We have a pool with a deck wrapped half way around it. The deck is not too high up but it does have a drop. Our original plan when we built the deck was to add railing to it but life got busy and more important projects came up. With all this free time that comes with quarantine we decided to get creative and build our own railing with wood. I saw some similar ideas to what we built on Pinterest. I loved the flowers and lights, so of course we added that to ours. 

We built a shadow box design so that way wind can pass through. We added flowers to both sides and got the wall plant holders off of Amazon. We decided to do a variety of different flowers to give a fun look and also because there are so many pretty flowers that it’s hard to choose just one. After we attached the plant holders and planted the flowers, we added lights. The lights were also from Amazon. I am so glad I chose those certain lights. One, because they are solar so don’t have to turn them on and off. Two, it’s really thin wire and small lights that when its daylight you don’t notice it as much. I absolutely love how it turned out and adding my new purchased white butterfly chair from Kirkland’s looks great next to it. 

While we were working on the deck we decided to redo some parts, especially where the dogs get muddy. We tore down the old lattice since it was all broken and added new. We also decided to spice it up with these flower beds we had laying around. The flower beds were gross and a green paint color so cleaning it up and changing the color definitely updated them. I love the way this looks and turned out. Plus I am excited about growing fresh strawberries in the top flower bed! 

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