Cookie Look Back

A year ago today I found a talent of mine. I was asked by my boyfriend’s mom to make some cookies for his sister’s baby shower. I said I would try but no promises. I knew I could bake and draw, so how hard could it be to figure out the icing and how to decorate with the icing? I did alot of research about the icing. What icing thickness is for what? What food coloring is the best? What tools to use? Etc. I am one of those people that if I am going to do something I’m going to do it right and make it good!

After going to Michaels and getting everything I needed, I tried my first practice batch. They all turned out great as long as I could do it again. Sometimes repeating things can be difficult.

Since then I have done many cookies from holidays to Marvel superheroes to Disney cartoons. Take a look at the gallery below to see some of my favorite cookies I have done.

I am a big fan of all the Marvel superheroes and DC’S Wonder Woman so creating these cookies were a lot of fun for me! The Wonder Woman cookies I made here recently for a little girls parade birthday party, thanks to Coronavirus, but still glad I could help make the day special! The Marvel superhero cookies were my first attempt at extreme detail, which I loved how they turned out and super proud of myself. (Still today my favorite cookies)

I love these cookies, but who doesn’t love Disney?? These cookies were fun to decorate because they brought out the inner child in me! The Toy Story cookies were alittle more intense with decorating, especially Buzz and Woody. The Minnie Mouse cookies were simple but so cute for the 2 year old girls birthday party. Along with the cookies, I did that wonderful cake in the middle. I decided to use an extra bow cookie for her bow and so happy how it turned out!

Here are my holiday cookies I did. I did a bunch of Christmas ones for parties at school and did a cute box with 4 cookies in each with the 4 cookies matching the theme of the box. So much fun and got me into the Christmas spirit, well maybe alittle to much! The Easter cookies I did, are my favorite holiday cookies I have done. I love the colors, the meaning of Easter, and reminds me of spring! I will say the little chick is probably my favorite out of the bunch! 

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