Derby Birthday Party

Here in Kentucky we have a lot of horse racing and mint julep sipping. The big race that horse lovers come to see is The Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville and mostly always on the first Saturday in May. This big horse race started back in 1875. The derby is always a fun day gathering with friends and family, eating great food, and betting.

This year’s derby was different due to Covid-19. The Kentucky Derby has never been canceled and has been postponed twice, once in 1945 and now in 2020. This year was the first time that the race has gone on without fans in the stands. The 2020 race happened on Saturday September, 5th. Jacob’s nephew’s birthday is on 5th, so of course the party theme was Derby.

I did his smash cake for his photos, which turned out adorable. I made a white cake, divided it up into two six inch pans, and stacked it with frosting in the middle, once they were cool. After stacking, I added some texture to the cake by piping random swirls on the edges and top. The texture on a smash cake is important because it pulls more attention to the kid which makes them want to touch it.

For his party I did another cake and cookies. The cake was strawberry flavored in a shape of a horse shoe. I piped the bottom edge in blue frosting to give texture and contrast between the cake and board. Smoothed the edges and top with white frosting and added the number one cookie in the top left, his name, and small rectangles to finish the look of the horse shoe. As for the cookies I stayed with the same colors and making sure to give contrast. I loved how everything turned out and I got to play with fondant for the first time, which I would like to do more of. 

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