Welcome to my portfolio. I am so glad you stopped by to check out some of my work that I have done for classes and just for fun! I hope you enjoy!!

Balloon Desert

Balloon desert is a combination of individual hot air balloons with a desert landscape. I used Photoshop to combine these pictures together. The first hot air balloon is bigger and brighter to give off a closer appearance, as the second one is smaller and with a lower opacity to give off a farther appearance.

Real Estate Logo Design

This logo design was created for a daughter and dad real estate business. When you think of real estate, you think of houses so I created a house to go with the business name. I used a lighter font for “daughter” because the bold gives more of a manly vibe. I stayed with their color theme, purple. I used two different hues, which gave more of a contrast than just the font size. This project was done in Illustrator. I also created some products with the logo, that you will see next.

Real Estate Business card

This is the business card and letterhead (letterhead same design) I created in InDesign for the Daughter Dad Team real estate. I used the logo created in Illustrator and added some thick black lines to give more character. I created the thin line on the left to give contrast. This design is simple, but gives focus to the important body text. Both the business card and letterhead flow together. (all fictional text)

Real Estate Shirt

This is the T-shirt I created in Photoshop for the Daughter Dad Team real estate. Once again using the logo I created in Illustrator.

Smoothie Logo

This logo was created for a fictional smoothie company. I created this logo with bright colors, because smoothies are made from bright, colorful fruits. So with that in mind I created the cup with an orange slice beside it. This was created in Illustrator.

Smoothie Logo Advertisement

After I created the logo, I created a single page advertisement. I used a picture with fruits, a smoothie, and bright colors that went with the logo. I aligned the text right to left and then right again because it allows the eye to flow down the page, gathering all the information.

Clyde Cartoon

This project was just for fun. I used both Photoshop and Illustrator for this. I took a picture with my Canon camera of my dog, Clyde. I used Photoshop to cut him out of the background and then I put his body into Illustrator. I used Illustrator’s Image Trace to get the black and white cartoon vibe.

Kentucky Homebody Shirt

I did this design when Covid-19 stay home orders happened. I drew the kentucky shape, imgae traced in Illustrator, and then in Photoshop I colored it in with the Kentucky Blue and added the words “homebody”. I did this design because I am a kentucky girl and homebody is a person that likes to stay home. During the Covid-19 home is Kentucky.

Redesigned Logo

One of my projects for school was to redesign a companies logo. I chose Epicure as my company. Epicure is a great food company. They provide easy and delicious meals. Their logo is a simple “e” or Epicure typed out. I wanted to add something to this logo to be able to recognize that it is a food company, so with that I stayed with their color, purple, and added the chef hat to be the dot on the I. I also added the words “easy & delicious” in a fancy font.

Red River Gorge Adventure

This article was done in InDesign. I organized the pictures to go with the paragraphs on each page. This allows it all to flow better. I also used a bold, uppercase font to highlight sections, making it easier to find what information is in what paragraph. This was a fun project for me.

Walking for a Cure

This poster was created in Indesign for a Cystic Fibrosis walk. I went with blue and yellow for the main colors because it matches the Great Stride logo. I went with the picture because little kids pull emotion. When you think about a little kid with a disease you usually are more willing to help.

Sherri Hill Magazine

I really enjoyed doing this project. I love fashion, clothing, and designing magazine layouts. I used red throughout the layout because it goes well with the image cover but also red is a symbol of energy, strength, and power. Sherri Hill is about energy and empowering women. I also pulled out inspiring quotes in the body copy. I made sure to add as much pictures as possible to showcase the dresses. (text came from Sherrihill.com)

Elephant Logo

I hand drew this design and scanned it into my computer. Once on my computer I allowed Illustrator to image trace it and then added color with Photoshop. I created the elephant head and used a light gray but also added the bright blue to give contrast but also a modern vibe.

Kentucky Strong

This shirt design was fun, as you can tell I am all about Kentucky shirts! When I wear t-shirts I am usually in a KY one. The words just came to me, I have never seen a shirt like this.

Interior Design Advertisement

This advertisement was for a fictional interior design company. I gave the company name “Nature Design” because it went well with the pictures. I pulled the blue/green color from the main picture to use for the words, this allowed everything to flow together. The text font I used gives off a modern vibe, which the picture also does as well.